mahanasa - kitchen in sanskrit

Everlasting Awareness Brand to Promote Nutritional Cooking with the Foundation of Ayurveda in Every Home by Educating Every Individual to Build Healthy Society


We teach healthy and tasty dishes. We educate you on medicinal properties of each ingredient used.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ayurveda Cooking class?

Ayurveda Cooking class is about learning to cook tasty and healthy dishes according to the season and nature of the body. These dishes can be prepared at home with the ingredients available in your regular kitchen.

What are the benefits of learning Ayurveda Cooking?

Participants can learn nutritional facts, Ayurveda recipes, medicinal properties of the ingredients through these classes. The course is structured in a way to understand ayurvedic principles behind cooking techniques. This would immensely help in understanding individual diet requirements based on the season to keep healthier life. A healthy family is a happy family.

Who can attend Ayurveda Cooking Class?

Anyone who is interested in learning healthy cooking is welcome to join.

Can you conduct classes in our community?

We conduct cooking classes in mahanasa centre located in Sanjay Nagar. We prefer to conduct classes in our facility. However, on request, we would evaluate the possibility of conducting classes close your residence or workplace.